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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Cheyenne residents should stop resisting change. It will help us live up to our role as a capital city

Cheyenne is on the cusp of something great. We are living in a time when we can literally watch change happen, partake in it even. 
But what we shouldn’t do is be afraid of it. Cheyenne has so much to offer its people, and we’ve barely tapped the potential. You can feel the change, the shift in energy from our small businesses, politicians and community. 
We have people so passionate about making Cheyenne the very best that it can be, yet we are faced on a day-today basis with the “If you don’t like it, leave!” mentality. 
No one is saying we should forget our roots. Cheyenne Frontier Days is a huge success, and the amount
of time and personnel hours put into it is staggering. But should that be the only thing we have to offer? 
The objections that get me the most is: “We’re not Fort Collins or Colorado!” No, were not. We are the people of the capital of Wyoming.
When you look around our city, with the holes in downtown, vacant businesses, an obvious divide between people, do we look like a capital city? 
Why wish failure upon people who want our city to be more than it is? They are starting a movement that many people want to be a part of but lack of the resources. Social slander and negative energy surrounding the idea of making a greater city is making it harder and harder for people to push through and get to the finish line. 
It’s not like that finish line won’t be something good for everyone! 
Who wouldn’t benefit from better resources to our community? A music venue that can bring huge acts, and with that money, for the community. Resources to our small business community so it can be more successful and actually have a fighting chance at surviving here.
A community center for our families to have something in town to do during our long winter months. Little free libraries in every part of the community so everyone can have access to books, no matter their walk of life. Working on building a better shelter and resources for our homeless population. 
Why would any of this be bad for our community? Why would any of this make us “Colorado”? 
We are a community that was founded on the search for a better life, hard work and community. Why are some people so against us continuing those efforts? 
What can we do or say to get your support? 
There is a list of people, businesses, etc. that are pushing change, and you can feel the energy in the air.
The one thing that is constant in this world is change, so it’s coming whether you like it or not. But let’s work together to make that change something that everyone wants. 
There will always be haters, and that’s fine. But Cheyenne is a capital city, and its people deserve more.  
I can’t wait to live through this future and continue to pave the way for future generations, including my own children. I want them to love Cheyenne like I do, to see the potential for more even after we’ve made changes. To keep pushing, growing and showing that our town is worthy of its capital status. 
Let’s stop fighting the chance for something great and push ourselves forward for a greater Cheyenne.

Ashley Christiansen is a mother, small business owner and self-described supporter of all things awesome. 

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