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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Why not give local businesses a look FIRST before heading out of town? They deserve a chance

NOTE: The following post is an opinion piece written by Snowy Elk Coffee Co., inspired by the Truth to Power blog article by D. Reed Eckhardt, “Shopping local first is the wrong approach if you want Cheyenne’s downtown to grow and innovate.” (

As Cheyenne’s local coffee roastery, we would like to share our opinion regarding Cheyenne’s Shop Local initiative and the associated Truth to Power article recently published on the subject. 
Several great points are made in that article. However, there are gaps that we believe are important to highlight.
We must begin by saying Cheyenne’s innovative and economic growth is a conversation that should continue from a variety of angles as its development is crucial for businesses, residents
and visitors. We believe it’s a collective desire of our community for Cheyenne to be the best city it can be.
Despite what the Truth to Power article suggests, we believe that “Shop Local First” is a brilliant initiative that encourages our community to support and aid in the growth of Cheyenne. 
Why? Because of one word, “First.” If you want downtown (and Cheyenne in general) to improve, we should give local businesses the FIRST chance. See if their product is better than a non-local or national brand FIRST. Is it what you want? Is it what you expect? Does their product or service need to improve? 
You have to give these local businesses a chance BEFORE taking your business to Fort Collins, Denver or somewhere else. 
The Truth to Power article suggests that Cheyenne's "Shop Local First" initiative is more of a pressured obligation to the community, and rather the local community should help encourage downtown business competition by directing footsteps and money to Colorado. 
We believe that competition is crucial, yes, but that local businesses and shops here in Cheyenne should be given the first chance by locals.
As a local business ourselves, here in Cheyenne for almost two years now, we believe it's important for local businesses to keep from becoming complacent. The excitement of new shops wears off quickly without constant business development and marketing. 
This same principle also applies for ​long-standing local businesses that have had solid customer bases for years. Competition breeds better business, better products and better services. If local businesses are not watching their competition and not trying to better their service, then their businesses will eventually decline and most likely fail.
The Truth to Power article is onto something, but it is missing a key component of what towns and cities need to thrive on: LOCAL QUALITY. 
Cheyenne has some incredible local businesses that provide high-quality products and services. We believe we speak for many other businesses in town when we say: It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. 
It takes effort and diligence to keep supporting those local businesses. It is local quality that will encourage more and more businesses, old and new, to survive and thrive in Cheyenne. 
Shop local FIRST, but if you are not finding the quality you want, give feedback to the owners then take your wallet elsewhere. Speak up and TALK to local businesses. Tell them why you are going to Colorado. 
For those who love shopping local, speak up to those business owners as well. Tell them why you return time after time.
Want to buy locally roasted coffee, locally brewed beer, local food, local gifts??
We think you should Shop Local FIRST.

This article first appeared on the Snowy Elk Coffee Company blog at You can reach them at: P.O. Box​​ 2961, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82003; email:; and (307) 200-9744. 

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  1. So it makes sense to get your local business information into the places people are already going to find businesses like yours, rather than simply hoping they'll find you in search results